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    6 190,00 

    Motor Brose S-MAG 36 Volt, Max power: 250 Watt, Torque/Coppia: 90 Nm
    Battery Fantic Integra, Lithium Ion, 36 Volt, 720Wh
    Display Brose-All Round 4 multifunctional display & push-assistance selection unit
    Frame Aluminum, Sizes: S – M – L
    Fork RockShox YARI RC e-bike – 29″ 170mm
    Shock RockShox Deluxe Select+ T205x60 Air
    Chain rings Sram 34t Steel Eagle
    Crank arm FSA CK-7462/IS – 165mm
    Rear derailleur Sram NX Eagle 12V
    Shift Levers Sram NX E-click
    Cassette Sram SX Eagle 12V, 11-50
    Chain Sram SX Eagle 12V
    Brake (front) Sram Guide T 4 Piston disc brake
    Brake (rear) Sram Guide T 4 Piston disc brake
    Disc (front) SramCenterLine, 200mm – 6Hole
    Disc (rear) SramCenterLine, 200mm – 6Hole
    Tires (front) Vittoria E-MARTELLO 29″x 2.35
    Tires (rear) Vittoria E-MARTELLO 27,5″x 2.6
    Wheels FULCRUM E-700
    Handlebar FSA Logo 760mm-31,8 RISE15 SWEEP 6°
    Stem FSA Logo 60mm-31,8 RISE6°
    Seatpost SWITCH SW Ø 30.9 S-M(100mm), L(125mm)


    7 990,00 


    The DH segment stands out for its “Extreme” riding, with downhill trails with a few extreme turns, trails in extreme conditions, only for expert riders: very rough or dug-out bottoms, presence of even large stones, roots, jumps. The downhill slopes are very demanding, extreme.

    For those looking for pure adrenaline without compromise, the Down Hill (XXF) segment has arrived, with INTEGRA XXF 2.0, an authentic DH “machine”, a full 200mm, in 2 versions, RACE or FACTORY.

    The bikes have the following main features:

    – Full suspended with 200 mm travel, double-plate forks.
    – Recommended for adrenaline Riders.
    – Stability
    – Strength

    The models are realized with an new aluminium frame geomtries, dedicated to the DH, with the 720 Wh battery and the Brose S-Mag motor, for strong emotions and unforgettable performances.

    The DH family range are:

    XXF 2.0 RACE

  • Fantic ISSIMO – Kaupunkisähköpyörä

    3 190,00 

    UUTUUS! Fantic ISSIMO tuo mukanaan uudenlaisen tyylisuunnan sähköpyörämaailmaan. Design on uusi ja täysin erilainen, se on yhdistelmä mopoa ja polkupyörää.

  • Fantic XEF 1.9 720 RACE

    7 890,00 

    The XEF 1.9 RACE, with the new aluminum frame geometry, designed for the Enduro community, equipped with the 720 Wh battery and the BROSE S-Mag motor, is an E-Mtb ready to races, for those who are looking for pure “Race” performance.

    The setup is the top of the class, including Sram Code-R brakes and Rockshox ZEB fork.

    The model is available in 2 colours, White and Grey. Here we preview the Grey version.

  • Fantic XEF 1.9 FACTORY

    9 990,00 

    The XEF 1.9 FACTORY is the essence of Fantic’s DNA in the Enduro community.

    It is available in two colours (Grey and White) and has an exclusive Carbon Seat stays. It is equipped with the new 720 Wh battery and the Brose S-Mag motor, to ride excellent Uphill performance, endless fun, innovation and performance.

    Here we preview the White version.

  • Fantic XFT 1.5

    5 090,00 

    The XTF 1.5 and XTF 1.5 RACE are available in 2 colours (National Blue and Silver light), both with 630Wh battery and Brose ALU motor, they are distinguished by their configuration, which allows different performances, depending on your needs as a rider.

    Here we show you the XTF 1.5 in National Blue color frame, and the XTF 1.5 RACE in the Silver Light color frame.

    The TRAIL segment is characterized by alpine trails/wooded hills, usually on dirt road or with a moderate presence of extremely hard surface or important roots, with slopes that are not too extreme.

    The Ebikes have the following main features:

    Full suspended with 150 mm travel.
    FANTIC has created a complete range of 6 models, 2 with aluminium frames and 4 with the NEW CARBON FRAME and the New 720 Wh Battery integreted, for all types of riders who want to experience unique emotions and performance.

    The TRAIL models with ALUMINIUM frame are:

    XTF 1.5 4790,00€
    XTF 1.5 RACE 5190,00€

    The TRAIL models with CARBON frame in 4 size (S-M-L-XL) are:

    XTF 1.5 720 CARBON 6290,00 €
    XTF 1.5 720 SPORT 7290,00 €
    XTF 1.5 720 RACE CARBON 9190,00 €
    XTF 1.5 720 FACTORY 11990,00 €


    9 990,00 

    The XXF 2.0 FACTORY is the “Queen” of the most sophisticated and high-performance DH riders.

    It is equipped with a 720 Wh battery and the BROSE S-Mag motor, an aluminuim fra1me and a setting that guarantees maximum performance and control, and an exclusive carbon seat stays, in the ultimate combination of innovation and performance.

    The components are of the highest range, including the Ohilins DH 38 fork and Braking IN.CA.S. brakes.

    The model is available in 2 colours, White and Grey. Here we preview the White version.

  • Kysy saatavuus Fantic Fat Sport Integra 2022 – Sähkömaastopyörä

    4 690,00 

    Fat Sport Integra on kehitetty ympärivuotiseen käyttöön ajatpa sitten lumessa, pehmeässä hiekassa tai polkuja pitkin metsässä. Irrotettava iso integroitu 630wh akku on sijoitettu rungon sisään. Brose -moottori tuottaa tasaisen pehmeän vedon vaikka moottori vääntää jopa 90Nm voimalla. Ajonautintoa lisää Rock Shock Bluto etujousitus joka voidaan säätää kuljettajan mieltymysten mukaiseksi. Tällä pyörällä voit ajaa kaikilla keleillä ja melkein missä vain!

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